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Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC’s municipal division provides civil engineering services for water distribution and sanitary sewer improvements; hydrologic/hydraulic design for stormwater collection / management; as well as roadway / bridge design.  Our experienced team can provide complete engineering design services from project inception through construction completion. 


Oklahoma has more shoreline than the state of California. It is important to work with a firm that has experience with designing the criteria for the foundation and construction of water storage facilities, pipelines, earth dams and levees, creek restoration, erosion management, and more.

  • Pond and Channel Design
  • Water Balance Calculations
  • Channel Hydraulics and Design
  • Design of Infiltration and Evaporation Ponds
  • Channel Improvements
  • Water Rights and Water Supply
  • Hydrodynamic Flow Modeling
  • Water Surface Profiles for Culverts, Floodplains
  • Bridge Scour Analysis and Countermeasure Design
  • Wetland Design
  • Piping Design and Layout
  • Flow Gaging and Rating Curve Development
  • Sediment Transport Calculations
  • Infiltration and Seepage Modeling for Cap and Liner Systems
  • Meteorological Data Compilation and Runoff Computations
  • Storm Water and Urban Drainage Quality Evaluations
  • NPDES Permit Applications and Compliance Monitoring
  • Levee and River Bank Evaluation and Design
Hydro Engineering in OKC
OKC Storm Water Managent

Storm Water

SRB’s Water Management Division of civil engineering experts can meet today’s storm water regulations with cost-effective and flexible solutions. Our team specializes in all aspects of drainage and flood control throughout the state of Oklahoma. We provide our clients with a “Flood of Information” – detailed study and analysis of potential or existing problems such as storm water run-off, erosion, sediment, environmental impacts and more.

  • Risk Mapping
  • River and Flood Studies and Analysis
  • Dam Safety Design
  • Flooding and Detention Issues
  • Water Quality Issues, Mitigation and BMP Certifications
  • FEMA Revisions and Mapping
  • Pond Certifications
  • Storm Drainage Design
  • NPDES Compliance Consultation
  • Water Disposal
  • Flood Analysis
  • On-Site Storm Water Detention
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Road Works

Waste Water

SRB’s team of expert Wastewater Technologies engineers is dedicated to your Oklahoma Wastewater or Sanitary Sewer Project.

  • Municipal Water Treatment Plants
  • Municipal Water Main Improvements
  • Municipal Water Well Field Evaluation
  • Well and Water Main Studies
  • Municipal Water System Storage
  • Water Towers
  • Hydropillar Water Towers
  • Municipal Sanitary Sewer and Water
  • Specialized Engineering Services include:
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection and Conveyance Systems
  • Industrial Treatment Technologies
  • Municipal Treatment Technologies
  • Combined Sewer Modeling and Analysis
  • Rate Modeling and Analysis
  • Cost of Services Studies
  • Distribution System Analysis Modeling
  • Raw Water Supply
  • Storage Facilities
  • Sewer System Management Plans
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Pumping Facilities
Waste Water Management
Water Distribution Design

Water Distribution

SRB’s Water Supply and Water Resource civil engineering experts work with your team in a professional and efficient manner on a variety of Water Improvement projects in the state of Oklahoma which include Master Plans, Planning, Design, Evaluation, Inspection and Studies

  • Municipal Water Supply and Reservoirs
  • Water Distribution Pipelines
  • Well Discharge Mains
  • Water Wells
  • Water Savings Performance Programs
  • Design
  • Master Plans
  • Inspection
  • Evaluation and Studies
  • Water and Energy Conservation
  • Water System Improvements
  • Conservation Plans (Recycled vs. Potable)
  • System Modeling Evaluations
  • Water Quality Management Plans
  • Resource (Asset) Managing

Recent Projects

Street Deign

Better Streets, Safer City Sales Tax Initiative
Street Enhancement Projects

In 2017, Oklahoma City voters approved two sales tax initiatives known as the Better Streets, Safer City projects, which is a 10-year $967 million bond package that invests in streets, police and fire facilities, parks, and other basic needs. A temporary, 27-month continuation of the expired MAPS 3 penny sales tax generated an estimated $240 million for street resurfacing, streetscapes, trails, sidewalks, and bicycle infrastructure. SRB oversees construction of a large number of unique roadway resurfacing projects to ensure that the quality and functionality of each project meets the City of OKC’s goal to build a better future with strong transportation infrastructure and enhance the experience of OKC citizens who walk and use cars and bicycles to navigate through our city. Our team provides construction administration; construction inspection; and conflict resolution making public safety, work zone safety, and accessibility a primary component of each project.

City Engineer Service

City Engineer Service

As the designated City Engineer for multiple municipalities across Oklahoma, SRB provides on-call services that include the design, oversight, and coordination of municipal projects related to construction or rehabilitation of streets; portable water systems; sanitary sewer systems; and storm sewer facilities. Our scope of work includes response to emergency municipal facility repairs, recommendations for preventative measures and solutions, and investigative reporting.

Street Reconstruction Project

Street Reconstruction Projects

The Warr Acres City Council, city staff, and citizens wanted the intersection of 50th and MacArthur Blvd to be one of the best-looking streetscapes in the metro area, and SRB teamed up with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), Traffic Consultant, Inc., and CLS & Associates to bring their vision to life. The Warr Acres Streetscape won the American Concrete Paving Association Oklahoma Chapter Gold Award for excellence in concrete paving. SRB solicited input from stakeholders and the community to ensure the needs and desires of citizens were met and community recognition was built into design. We provided utility coordination and relocation corridor identification to remove all overhead utilities, as that aspect was important to stakeholders. This project included intersection modifications such as traffic signals and lighting; graphic design; landscape architecture; and roadway design. SRB worked alongside ODOT during construction of the project to ensure roadway details and amenities were followed and preserved.