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Understanding the proper construction methods and how to utilize an agency’s existing Specifications, Standards and other Contract documents to produce a quality product is essential in ensuring all stakeholders benefit from an expected project.  SRB’s Construction Services Department has a collective total of over 150 years of professional experience in Program Management, Construction Management, Inspection and Contract Administration.  Having worked with many Municipalities, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and Private Developers give us the ability to ensure that all phases of your project will satisfy the stakeholders expectations.

Specialized Services and Duties Include

The wide range of expertise and history of successful projects that our team provides puts SRB at the forefront of the Construction Management industry and allows us to be involved in transportation projects in the following ways:

  • Project Inspection Experience with:
    • Asphalt and PC Concrete pavement construction
    • PC Concrete pavement rehabilitation
    • Bridge construction and rehabilitation
    • Safety Improvement
    • ADA Compliance pedestrian & facility
    • Public Utility, Water and Sanitary lines
    • Water and Wastewater Facilities
  • Contractor’s project staking verification
  • Project survey and earthwork quantity determination
  • Project finalization and dispute resolution
  • On-Demand Services for Construction Program Management, including:
    • Development and writing of construction specifications
    • Implementation of new policies & procedures

SRB’s Construction Services Department has many years of successfully administering construction contracts from all various aspects of responsibility, including:

  • Scheduling and conducting successful meetings and documenting meeting minutes
  • Review, evaluation and requiring sufficient Contractor submittals
  • Interpretation and enforcement of the contract, plans and specifications
  • On-site observation of the Contractor work and coordination of material testing to ensure a quality project
  • Documenting and accurately accounting of the Contactor’s work daily
  • Detailed entries for DWR’s, estimates, change orders and supplemental agreements
  • Preparing and/or reviewing progressive and final pay estimates
  • Resolving Contractor disputes and evaluation of Contractor proposals for plan modifications
  • Negotiating change orders and supplemental agreements
  • Conducting a thorough Final Inspection, ensuring completion of punchlist items, and project close-out
Project Examples
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