Team Members

John K. Baldischwiler, P.E.Principal-in-Charge
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John K. Baldischwiler, P.E.


Mr. Baldischwiler is a partner with Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC and has over 25 years of experience in civil engineering. He began his engineering career at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and eventually started his own consulting firm in 1994. He has served as City Engineer for the City of Nichols Hills since 1994 and has been responsible for over $100 Million of water, sanitary sewer, water treatment, paving and drainage improvements throughout the City. His experience includes planning, development, coordination of municipal bond issues, design and construction of municipal infrastructure and transportation projects.

Mathew Smith, P.E.Principal
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Mathew Smith, P.E.


Mr. Smith has been with the firm since 1982 and is currently a managing partner for SRB. His primary emphasis has been in designing and managing land development and municipal infrastructure projects. He has distinctive competence in commercial, retail and institutional projects with expertise in strategic planning, site working engineering and flood insurance studies. He received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1985 and received his MBA from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1992. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Oklahoma and Texas.

Marc A. Long, P.E.Director of Municipal Engineering
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Marc A. Long, P.E.

Director of Municipal Engineering

Mr. Long is a partner and the Director of Municipal Engineering for SRB. He has over 25 years of experience in the civil engineering field, and has over 20 years of successful project experience in the public sector, which includes numerous municipalities throughout Oklahoma and Texas. He has been involved in both the design and construction of water, wastewater, drainage and paving projects throughout the central United States and has recently been involved in water & wastewater improvements in Shawnee, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Warr Acres and Bethany.

Gregory D. Allen, P.E.Director of Transportation Engineering
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Gregory D. Allen, P.E.

Director of Transportation Engineering

Mr. Allen has over 30 years of experience with transportation engineering and management while employed at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and is currently a partner and the Director of Transportation Engineering at SRB. He has successfully directed multi-disciplinary personnel, complex projects and programs, from conception through construction. During his tenure, he has had the opportunity to work closely with officials from multiple counties and municipalities, including the Cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa; the UPRR and BNSF Railway, as well as other agencies, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Coast Guard, State Historic Preservation Office, Federal Highway Administration, and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

Taylor Denniston, P.L.S., GISPDirector of Survey and Mapping
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Taylor Denniston, P.L.S., GISP

Director of Survey and Mapping

Mr. Denniston has been involved in the surveying field since 1997 and is currently a partner and the Director of Survey and Mapping for SRB. He has extensive experience in title research, boundary work, municipal aerial photography/planimetric projects, GIS coordination and data collection projects, web mapping and plan preparation for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. His expertise includes aerial mapping, boundary survey, land title survey, LiDAR management, Riperian surveys, and Right-of-Way mapping and acquisition.

Gary Noland, P.E.Director of Commercial Site Development
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Gary Noland, P.E.

Director of Commercial Site Development

Mr. Noland has over twenty-four years of experience as a Project Manager, a Design Engineer, and a Traffic Engineer on street, highway, commercial site, and land development projects. He is currently a partner and the Director of Site Development for SRB. He is an experienced inspector on highway construction projects with the State of Oklahoma's Department of Transportation. Mr. Noland’s expertise includes the planning and design of highways, interstates, turnpikes and urban expressways; incorporating signalization, signing, markings, and utility relocations; as well as site development and hydraulic and drainage studies. Mr. Noland has designed and developed construction documents, and he has managed private and public projects, both locally and nationally.  These projects include design in wastewater collection and distribution systems, storm water drainage systems, water distribution systems, site and land development, and roadway design from urban arterial to state highways.

Grady J. Wade, P.E.Project Manager
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Grady J. Wade, P.E.

Project Manager

Mr. Wade has over 20 years of experience with engineering firms and is employed by SRB as a Project Manager. He is responsible for the coordination of design for a wide range of municipal projects, including paving, grading, drainage, sanitary sewer, waterline improvements, community trails, site development, and ADA compliance. His experience includes preliminary layouts, hydrology/hydraulics and grading design; public improvement design including detention facilities, storm and sanitary sewers, roadways and water mains; engineering estimates and proposals; as well as construction observation.

Dan Andrulonis, P.E.Project Manager
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Dan Andrulonis, P.E.

Project Manager

Mr. Andrulonis graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1978 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Shortly thereafter he joined the Bureau of Reclamation where he served as Project Engineer for over four years. During this time he was actively involved in the final design for construction, alteration, or repair of dam facilities such as outlet works, spillways, elevator towers, and control structures. Following his service with the Bureau, he joined the Oklahoma State Department of Health where he performed engineering design and analysis duties for environmental programs statewide. His work included the review of engineering plans and specifications to ensure federal, state and local regulatory compliance. Later he joined an Oklahoma City consulting firm where he concentrated on wastewater and environmental design projects. Mr. Andrulonis has also served as City Engineer for the City of Del City, as well at the City’s Master Planner. He is currently a Project Manager for SRB.

Max J. Baldischwiler, P.E.Project Manager
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Max J. Baldischwiler, P.E.

Project Manager

Mr. Baldischwiler received his Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma in 1980 and began his career with Dowell Schlumberger working as a district engineer in six states including Oklahoma. His job responsibilities included design of oil/gas/geothermal/leaching projects, lab operation and training of personnel. In 2002, he joined his brother Karl Baldischwiler's consulting firm, Baldischwiler Engineering Co., P.C., where he designed water lines, Y2K generators, muncipal water wells, commercial site plans and water system telemetry. His project management experience includes inspection of traffic and walking trail projects for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and negotitation of ODEQ permits, consent orders, well properties and water rights. He then joined the staff of Environmental Engineering Consultants, Inc. (EEC) to work on water water projects such as municipal water wells, water chlorination, fluoridation, arsenic removal, booster pump station design, drinking water consent order negotations, among numerous other tasks, before rejoining his brother in what is now Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC. Since joining the SRB staff, Max has used his expertise in environmental compliance, water, wastewater, and stormwater design (flood studies, wetlands determination, and dam inspections) and process dealing with issues relating to project problem-solving and administration.

Darin Raibourn, P.L.S.Project Manager
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Darin Raibourn, P.L.S.

Project Manager

Mr. Raibourn has been involved in surveying since 1991 and has extensive experience in title research, boundary work, and plan preparation. He is currently responsible for coordinating and reviewing Land Title Surveys for single and multi-site transactions, as well as coordinating and reviewing DesignReady® surveys for in-house engineers, state agencies, municipalities, and the private sector. He has performed numerous Land Title Surveys in Oklahoma and surrounding states. He also has experience with the latest electronic equipment including Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Brad Cypert, P.L.S.Project Manager
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Brad Cypert, P.L.S.

Project Manager

Mr. Cypert has been involved in surveying since 1992 with experience in all aspects of land development. As a Party Chief for 21 years he has an extensive background in ODOT projects. He is currently our Field Crew Manager and responsible for coordinating and QA/QC of our 6 field crew operations.

Craig H. WallaceProject Manager
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Craig H. Wallace

Project Manager

Mr. Wallace has more than 30 years of experience in multiple disciplines of the construction industry in Oklahoma and currently serves as a Project Manager for the Construction Services division as well as Utility Coordinator for Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC. He utilizes his many years of experience to manage the construction and utility aspects of Municipal, ODOT, OTA and private development projects, as well as managing Construction Staking projects. He spent 25 years in the private contracting business constructing grading, drainage, paving (asphalt and concrete) and utility projects. During this time, he managed construction divisions with up to $30 Million of annual revenue.

George Raymond, P.E.Resident Engineer
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George Raymond, P.E.

Resident Engineer

Mr. Raymond has 31 years of experience with transportation engineering and construction contract management while employed at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and is currently employed at SRB as the Resident Engineer. He served as the Resident Engineer, Construction Engineer, and most recently, as the Assistant Director of Operations at ODOT. George has been a member of the Oklahoma Highway Construction Materials Technician Certification Board. He has also served as the Chair of the AASHTO Joint Technical Committee on Electronic Engineering Data, Chair of the WASHTO Construction and Materials Committee, and a long standing member of the AASHTO Subcommittee on Construction. George brings to our team vast experience with plan reviews, contract management and other construction management/administration services.